Welcome to Woodstock Group !!!
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  • info@woodstock-parts.co.uk

Benefits to work with us

  • UK based – We can sit together to discuss scope of work, new parts as well as any technical aspects with us who understands your language.
  • Low-Cost pricing – Competitive pricing each time, every time for your parts, guaranteed as compared to your local supply.
  • Quality Assurance – Submit samples to you pre-production, pre-shipment and final pre-delivery Quality inspection at our Leicester works.
  • No-Risk – No risk in quality of goods received.
  • No Hidden cost – No hidden costs to you later, which becomes very frustrating after working so hard and giving so much time to it.
  • No Hassle of Imports – We import, inspect and deliver your ordered products right to your door.
  • Small Quantities – Since we have regular deliveries, our customers are able to order small batch quantities and still enjoy low costs.
  • High-Mix – You can order number of products at one source.
  • Warehousing – We are based in Midlands, can deliver any parts at a day’s notice once received in our warehouse.


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