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Casting Parts

We supply very high precision machined castings, in either small to large to very large volumes.

All of our supplier base has a minimum ISO9001: 2008 accredited and we make sure that our engineers over see the quality at every stage to achieve the best castings, by in-house quality checks as well as third party inspections for castings porosity, hardness, and other critical parameters. All the products are quality screened at our UK facility prior to dispatch to our clients.

We supply the following :

  • Aluminium High Pressure Die Castings
  • Zinc High Pressure Die Castings
  • Aluminium Gravity Die Castings
  • Sand/Permanent Mould Castings
  • Investment Castings
  • Stainless Steel Castings
  • Grey Iron and Nodular Iron Castings

We provide as casted, semi-machined and completely finished casting components with or without assembly with any kind of surface finishing.


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