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Welcome to Woodstock Group

The Woodstock Group has over 22+ years of experience in the development and manufacturing of all types of engineering components in India. We can work from just one sample with no drawings or with complete drawings and we supply to the UK and throughout Europe. We help our customers to lower costs, increase efficiency and drive innovation by becoming their back end procurement office.

Woodstock provide comprehensive manufacturing with our own operations based in strategic hot-spots. We have a manufacturing network in India, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Sri Lanka as well as our UK based customer support and technical services. We guarantee lowest total procurement costs to you, delivering the goods to your door with no risk to you.

We take total responsibility for manufacturing, transporting and warranting of procurement, thus allowing our customers to focus on running and growing their core business, while enjoying risk-free cost savings.

Why Woodstock ?

Our fantastic end to end service has proved very popular with our customers, many of whom continue to do business with us year after year. Their increased Y-2-Y turnover clearly indicates that doing business with us has definitely been of benefit to them. Some of our customers have been using Woodstock since we were first established and have remained loyal to our brand.

Benefits to work with us

We import, inspect and deliver your ordered products right to your door. We have regular deliveries, our customers are able to order small batch quantities and still enjoy low costs. We are based in Midlands, can deliver any parts at a day’s notice once received in our warehouse.

Our Services

At Woodstock, we are happy to accept challenging parts, whether they need to be cast, forged, stamped or fabricated. We can mold them into a variety of materials including aluminium, brass, rubber, stainless steel, nylon, plastic and bi-metal. Our parts are world-class quality at competitive prices and, due to our regular mixed lot shipments to the UK, we can offer fast delivery to your door.


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